1. Wherefor & SEE Innovation Summit
    09 Oct, 2017
    Wherefor & SEE Innovation Summit
    The trip to Belgrade marks the first step of Wherefor towards the creation of a CEE network to foster the Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E-nnovation) Ecosystem. We were invited by our Partners Bridgeway Company, a leading Serbian Accelerator, who organized a promising Innovation Summit focusing on Southern Eastern Europe. The SEE Innovation Summit 2017 is an invite-only event that brings together brilliant minds interested in innovation and the smart living & technology revolution. The
  2. WhereTo? - Korea! [Wherefor going with its partner ERD Handball Club to Korea]
    15 Aug, 2017
    WhereTo? - Korea! [Wherefor going with its partner ERD Handball Club to Korea]
    Wherefor is joining its Partner, the ERD Handball Club, in a trip to Busan (South Korea) to participate in a prestigious international tournament. Naturally, just as our partners will try to win all games and succeed, Wherefor will attempt to further its relation with certain Asian associates and expand its reach overseas. In addition to developing our SportTech solutions, our goal is to approach the promising E-Sport market (Busan will hold the 2017 E-Sport World Championships) as well as
  3. Wherefor and Smarthealth [Smarthealth event]
    15 Jun, 2017
    Wherefor and Smarthealth [Smarthealth event]
    In line with its growing interest in the MedTech field, Wherefor was happy to attend the SmartHealth competition taking place at the French Institute of Budapest. Regrouping some of the most promising Start-ups in the sector from France and the Visegrad 4 countries, we truly believe it is paramount to have such initiatives in Hungary to foster “E-nnovation”. We thank the organisers for the event, perhaps next time Wherefor will be present not only as partners, but also with some of its startups